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Academic Planet High Speed

Need More Speed?

AcademicPlanet HighSpeed is an exciting new service that accelerates your Internet connection using your existing telephone line and modem. Now join thousands of AcademicPlanet Members who are browsing the Internet up to 5 times faster!

Only an additional $4.99 per month!

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Try AcademicPlanet HighSpeed now and see for yourself how much faster your Internet experience is. Sign up now, and we won't charge you for the first seven days to make sure you are convinced.

Unlike DSL or cable, AcademicPlanet HighSpeed:

* Works with any telephone line and modem
* Requires NO hardware or special equipment
* Installs onto your PC in just a couple of clicks
* Works seamlessly with your PC
* Costs a fraction of the price of DSL or cableā€¦just 16 cents a day!

Plus, AcademicPlanet HighSpeed also includes:

* FREE Pop-up Blocker
* FREE Banner Ad Removal

All for only an additional $4.99 per month
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